WARNING: This api is deprecated!

This beta version of dataTXT will be turned off in March 2014.
Please switch your applications to the NEW PRODUCTION READY VERSION of dataTXT at http://dandelion.eu/datatxt/


dataTXT is a named entity extraction & linking API that performs very well even on short texts, on which many other similar services do not. dataTXT currently works on Italian and English texts.


You supply it a plain text and get back a set of entities found on the text with their position withing the text and links to the corresponding entries on Wikipedia. dataTXT also optionally gets back the entity type (person, place, event, and many other) from DBpedia (which you can query to get contextual data or link your text to the Web of Data). dataTXT uses the english or italian versions of Wikipedia and DBpedia depending on the input language.
Please read the API Documentation to get started in minutes.


dataTXT is free to use up to 25.000 hits per month. We just ask you to attribute us by publishing a “Powered By dataTXT” link (which must link to http://www.spaziodati.eu/datatxt) on your application.
Should you require more hits or you need to remove the attribution, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

How to get a free key

In order to get a free API key you first need to signup of a free plan (please provide a brief description on how you plan to use the service). Once you signed up we will review and authorize your request (it may take up to 48 hours). You will then get an automated message with all you need to get started. Have fun!


dataTXT is an experimental service. It is at the moment in beta stage, however it is already quite stable and performant. In any case, we advice you not to use it in mission critical applications. We take no responsibility for anything that may go wrong!